Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Non-Rhyming Poem

Ode to an Old Canon...

Oh camera, you have been so good to me
But alas, your time has come
Your battery no longer holds a charge
And I hate the words "Change Battery Pack"

So I will soon have to send you on your way
For your vacation photos have been oh so pathetic
The blog will miss your photos
But we will survive

A new camera will soon follow
And will take your place
You will become a thing of the past
I will always remember you, old friend
When I change the battery pack

"Grammy and Grampy's house is fun!"

"This is high chair is way better than my high chair at home. Food remains the same though..."

"I've been trying to climb the stairs all week. I get halfway, and then I regret my decision to start, because suddenly I get stuck in the middle."

"This is my new friend, Cal. He's a cutie, huh?"

"Grammy made a birthday cake for me. It's even Kosher for Passover! Can you believe the talent??!"

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