Thursday, April 30, 2009

Funny Story...

Well, at least I find it funny. When Maya first starting eating solids, she loved avocados. When I would buy them though, she'd only eat a small portion of it, leaving the rest to get all brown and slimy in the fridge. Since Kev and I aren't big on avocados, I decided it was too wasteful and expensive, and I stopped buying them. Fast forward to last week, when I found frozen avocado halves at Trader Joe's. What a find! When I got home, I decided to chop up one of the halves and feed it to Maya for lunch. Well, apparently, Maya has forgotten her love of avocados, and refused to even touch the slimy green monsters. I was frustrated, especially since I've seen her try guacamole at Costco and Trader Joe's, so I know she likes it.

So... I figured, maybe if I spread it on a chip, she'll like it better. Um, yeah, I was right. Maya proceeded to eat an entire avocado half off a chip. Funny though - she never took a bite of the chip. She just wasn't interested. Even funnier, she now officially wants to eat everything off a chip. Just yesterday, she ate avocado, corn, chicken, broccoli, cheese, sweet potato, black beans, pasta, and peas off a chip. I realize that I've probably created a monster... or maybe just a new form of a utensil, right?

"These are the infamous chips! Mommy, we need more of these, okay?"

"Nashy showed me some of his tricks at the train store yesterday. Nash, you're tall!"

"I love playing with the trains, but I'm not quite tall enough for the big table yet!"

"I'm making faces and playing games with Mommy."

"Look what I found in the drawer!"

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Ruth said...

That is such a sweet chip story!