Monday, April 6, 2009

What's up with this Weather?!

"Just looking around."

"Go Daddy, go!"

We had quite a busy weekend... well, sort of. On Saturday, we had 3 hours of showings, but Kevin was in Kansas City for a conference, so Maya and I were on our own to clean and get out of the house for a few hours. Then, on Sunday, we had an open house, and Kevin had to work (boooo, hisssss), so we had to get out again! Oy. It was a bunch of craziness. All was well though. There was some interest in the house, so it was all worth it!

Anyway, the weather is bizarre. We've had a couple of weeks of beautiful weather, and today, it's snowing and cold. Blah. Oh well. We are going to Connecticut later this week, so hopefully it'll be nice out for our trip. Here are some photos of Maya in the beautiful weather of last week.

"We are at Tilles Park. It's a handicap accessible park, sponsored by St. Lou Children's Hospital. It's really nice here. Why didn't we find this earlier in my life?"

"Sometimes I smile with my mouth closed - just like Daddy!"

"Whoaaaa! That was a big push, Daddy!"

"Mommy, this is fun, but when will I get to use the big girl swings?"

"I wish Mommy could fit into this swing with me. That would be double the fun."

"This piano is my favorite present - but only because it's from Mommy and Daddy."

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Debbie said...

I cannot believe you put your poor innocent child in socks with sandals. You are setting her up for bad habits later in life! I thought you knew better...