Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

We are having a great weekend. Today is Kevin's birthday, and he loves to be busy on weekends, so this has been a perfect 2 days for him. Yesterday, we went to a picnic held by the Anesthesia Department. It was fun, mostly because they ordered an ice cream truck, and we all got free treats! Then, in the evening, we went to Macaroni Grill with some friends. I think you know most of them from previous posts. You know - Nash, Margot, Alex, Keira, and James. The regulars. Anyway, we had a great time, and it was actually a very relaxing evening, despite having 6 little ones with us. The kids were great, but they eventually lost their cool, once bedtime was approaching. Anyway, today we are going to another little picnic with Kevin's work buds. I'm excited to see them, and will keep you posted on our fun times.

"James and I played in Alex's car on Thursday. Where's Alex though?"

"I kicked James out."

"We went to the zoo on Friday. See the giraffes behind us."

"This is my new friend, Sasha. We met at the zoo."

"Happy birthday, Daddy! I love you!"

"Kiki, look at the camera!"

"Whatcha eating, Alex? Looks good... Can I have some?"

"Mommy, I think Margot like you, but her Mommy might be upset if you take her."

"Mom, look at Kiki and Margot! What a couple of cuties!"

"I tried a lemon with dinner. I made some awesome faces. It was sour, but I kinda liked it."

"As you can see, I don't smile in pictures very often anymore. I am way too busy for that."

"This was the point in the evening when all the babies were ready for bed. Can you tell I'm whining? Sorry, Mom. I was trying to be happy, but I was so tired. Daddy's birthday dinner was exhausting!"

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Brook said...

We had a great time! Happy Birthday to Kevin and so sad to say goodbye....We will just have to IM and chat, I guess I don't have to see your face everyday :)We will miss you guys. Def need to consider our friend vacation!