Monday, May 4, 2009

Magical Maya

So, the mall by our house is kind of like a ghost town. It's full of totally empty, shut down stores, except for a Gap, a salon, and a Victoria's Secret. There are a few restaurants too, but nothing special. Anyway, in the past few months, they've been overhauling the mall, and changing it into something called "ArtSpace." It's basically this new concept of having a mall full of art galleries, dance companies, theater companies, pottery studios, yoga studios, artsy cafes, yada yada yada. So, Saturday was the "ArtSpace" grand opening, and apparently all the new galleries and shops were opening. There were going to be a wide array of activities and fun things to do. So, anyway, on Friday, there was a free magic show at one of the new places, called "Abra.Kid.Abra." It's a magic school for kids. Brook and I took the kids to play and watch the show. They loved it.

"Mommy, this guy is more like a clown, and less like a magician. Oh well. Still fun."

"James, Kiki, and I watched the show intently... until we lost interest."

"This guy is teaching the big kids to get their whole boy through that little ring!"

"This is a funny show!"

"Mr. Magic Man, can you help me get my whole body through the ring? Thanks."

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Gabriellespace said...

I LOVE HER LEGWARMERS.. they are tooo cute!