Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Um, within 5 minutes, I get our first vote on the poll, and it's "return both?!?" For real? Show yourself! Who are you, and what kind of shoes does your kid have?! Please leave me a comment and tell me why you don't like either pair!

Okay, I'm not over it, but I'll move on. We are officially down to 1 nap a day. It has definitely been a hard transition for Maya, but I think she's ready. I'm still putting her down in the afternoon sometimes, just so she can relax and enjoy playing and resting in her crib, but she's not sleeping. She's been sleeping really well at night, too. The only problem is that she's definitely fussier throughout the day. This is a brand new routine for her though, so hopefully she'll get used to it soon, and she'll be fine.

"We finally got our 'SOLD' sign! Yay!"

"Charlie and I played together this week at our friend Sarah's house. Her baby is too little to pose with us."

"Look at me, petting Jenny Bojangles! This is the first kitty cat I've ever touched. I'm so proud!"

"Mommy, I can't wait to play dress up with your shoes!"

"We went to the sculpture park again yesterday. Daddy and I love this sculpture of the chemical makeup of sucrose. Daddy is a chemistry geek."

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