Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome to the Family!

Maya finally has a whopping FOUR teeth! The second top tooth made an appearance yesterday, and is now fully visible. I am also happy to report that Maya is officially walking about 90% of the time. She learned to stand up from the floor, as opposed to pulling up on something, so now she just walks everywhere. She's very wobbly still, but she's working really hard to fix her wobbles.

Anyway, this weekend was great. Yesterday, we went to a Strawberry Festival at Eckert's Farm. Unfortunately, it was sort of a flop, since the weren't allowing strawberry picking during the festival, and that was really why we went. We ended up going on a tractor ride and getting free ice cream though, so it wasn't a total wash. After the fest, we went to Laumeier Sculpture Park, and took a long walk through the grounds to see the sculptures. It's really such a peaceful and beautiful place. We don't spend enough time there, but I think we should make good use of it in the next few weeks before we leave. Anyone wanna come?

"We waited in line forever for a free ice cream cone yesterday at the festival. It was worth it though! Yum yum!"

"Mommy held me tight during the tractor ride. It was bumpy!"

"This is my family and me. Daddy asked some other daddy to take this picture. Thanks, Other Daddy!"

"I stood up and looked out the side of the tractor during the ride. We all had very dusty hair from all the wind and dirt."

"Laumeier Sculpture Park is very sunny, so I wore my "Girls Rule" cap. Girls do rule, don't you think?"


Gabriellespace said...

She is getting so big. Gabby's top 2 are trying to make an appearance as well. BTW I like your hair cut.

gklein said...

At the rate Maya keeps on gaining teeth and I start losing teeth, I predict we'll meet at about 14 teeth!! -- Grampy