Thursday, May 7, 2009

In Case you were Wondering...

Maya is still eating her lunch off a chip. I just thought you should know. Yesterday it was half an avocado and beans. Oh well. I guess there are worse things. Anyway, she's also getting much better at walking. She really loves her baby carriage, and is becoming a master at maneuvering it all over the house. She inevitably runs into walls and corners, but she has now become quite skillful in 3 point turns. Smarty pants.

"Hi. I was hiding behind the couch, but now here I am!"

"Did Mommy tell you I can throw a ball now??"

"Just hangin' in my PJ's."

"I love this baby carriage. My little baby doll likes it too."

"I love it when Mommy and Daddy stand outside and wave to me, while I stand at the door. It's fun times... especially when it's cold or hot outside."


Gabriellespace said...

I love her hair.. i wish gabby would let me put her hair in ponytails. she just takes them

lori frerman said...

Just to warn you it will not be fun once she figures out how to lock you out.