Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mommy Day.

Happy Mother's Day, to all my wonderful friends and family who are mothers, or who have mothers! Maya and I hope you are all enjoying your day. We are on our own today - Kevin is on call. It's a beautiful day, so once Maya wakes up from her nap, we'll head out to do something outside. Maya isn't in a great mood today, for some reason, so hopefully she'll be happier once she's had a good nap. Anyway, we've had a nice few days together. We did a lot of great playing with friends, and our weekend has been quite relaxing. Maybe tomorrow, when Kevin is home for the day, we'll do a little Mother's Day celebrating.
"I love my new stroller. Can't you see how much fun I'm having?"

"I can be serious, too."

"We went to Carly and Sammy's house for playtime on Thursday. They have a little kid table. This was my first time in a real chair! How do I look?"

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