Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Please Vote!

This morning I bought Maya a pair of sneakers for the Fall and Winter. Oops. We apparently already had a pair for the fall, in the same size. Now let's be realistic here - the child doesn't need 2 pairs of sneaks, so we unfortunately have to return one of them... But which one?? Please check out the photo and tell us which you like better. I'm trying to think practicality, plus cuteness. Any thoughts? I purposely did not add the option "keep both," because it seems way too silly. The photo of the shoes is to the right, but I'm also attaching a larger version to this post. So... what do you think?

"Mommy, can we keep both?"


Amy said...

Keep them both!! LOL I like them both (although I understand, seeing that they are stride rite and stride rite's not cheap!)

Heather said...

My vote is for B. But then again I have very few light colored things in my wardrobe so white sneaks would just about glow.

Brook said...

I like the darker ones better BUT the light ones will match more stuff. Does Maya have sandles? If so, what color are they? Choose the opposite color shoe and you will be all good:)