Saturday, June 28, 2008

Babies, Babies, Everywhere!

Animal babies, that is. We went to the zoo this morning. We saw a baby elephant, baby water buffalo, a baby giraffe, and baby Somalian Wild Asses. Yeah, I said "asses"- is that a word? Or is it like saying "mouses" or "deers?" Anyway, we met Brooke, Ray, and Nash by the hippos, and took a nice walk. Oddly, a lot of the animals weren't out today. The masses were out though - it was so crowded! We had fun though. There is a newborn giraffe (see photo below), who was only born in the past month. He wouldn't come close to the camera though, so our pics are sort of far away. Maya was a sweetie throughout the field trip. She napped, laughed, chatted, and just took it all in. We made our usual weekend Costco trip afterward, and I made a fantastic purchase... A sewing machine! I can't wait to learn how to use it. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll even read the manual!
Tonight we took Maya to the last "Anesthesia Happy Hour" of the year. It was at Schlafly, which is right down the street from the school where I worked. It was nice to see people, but it's hard to take Maya to happy hour. She gets sleepy by 7, and then we re-name her "Crabby McFinkel." We're home now, and it's almost 9, but Maya is too wound up to sleep. Oh well. I'm happy if she goes to bed later. It means she'll sleep longer... right? Maybe not. I'll let you know tomorrow!

Maya likes to face out so she can see everything. Or maybe she wants people to look at her. I'll have to ask her...

"I love Daddy-time."

Brooke, Nash, and... hey! who's that guy? That's Ray (a.k.a. Daddy o' Nash)! He's back for good!

See the baby giraffe sitting on the right? So sweet... Nothing beats a baby tiger though. Ask Aunt Debs. She knows.

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Beth said...

What a cutie your Maya B is! All the photos in your blog show that you certainly grow beautiful babies in St. Louis!!! Love, AB (Aunt Beth)