Thursday, June 26, 2008


After we left Sonya's, we went to meet Sara at Bread Company. Maya fell asleep in the car (hallelujah) after a brief meltdown. Poor thing. She just hates being alone in the backseat. Good news though - she's taking the pacifier! It's good, because it really seems to calm her down lately. Anyway, it was great to see Sara. She is finishing summer school tomorrow, and then going to Arkansas with her husband for the week. Good deal. It was fun.

Okay. It's tubby time for Maya. She just ate a big meal, so I'd better bathe her before she get's hungry again!

Maya loves a good swing!

Sara meets us for lunch at our old standby (Bread Co., of course!).

Okay, this is tubby time from yesterday, but still adorable, right?!? Look at that belly!

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