Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thanks for sharing, Alex!

Last night was the Anesthesia graduation dinner. Since we couldn't bring Maya, we decided to share a babysitter with Brie and Dave. Alex is 10 months, and he's in part time daycare, so Brie decided to hire one of his daycare providers to sit at night. Her name was Lacey, and she brought her adorable son Dominic with her. He's 3, and he apparently loves babies. Lacey was great with Maya from the moment she met her, so I felt just fine about leaving her there. Alex had a very eventful day yesterday, which ended with a pretty nasty tumble. Fortunately he's feeling much better, but he was wiped out last night. Both babies went to sleep nice and early. When we picked Maya up at 10:30, she ended up staying awake until 12:15, and sleeping until 4:45 this morning. Mmmmmmm.... Mommy is sleepy today...

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