Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to Work...

Maya and Jane love to play!

This week I went back to work. Well, sort of. Actually it's only 4 days. I've been doing curriculum writing at school. Maya is going to daycare for the week. It's been really strange handing her over to someone else in the mornings. She's been spending the day at Jane's house. Jane runs a daycare called Baby's Rock, and Maya is there with 1 or 2 other babies every day. Most of the time it's just her and Zach, who is 6 months old. I think she's having a great time, and she sure seems tired out when she gets home. Jane says she's been napping like a champ and just watching the other babies. I think this week is good for both of us. For one thing, I get to spend time with friends, and get out of the house a bit. Maya also gets to experience life without Mommy, which I think is probably good for her independence. Unfortunately, she still isn't sleeping very well at night. Last night she fell asleep at 6:45, and slept until 11:45. You are probably thinking - wow! This is great - a 5 hour stretch! Well, it would have been wonderful, but unfortunately, she was up for almost the entire night after that. Oh well. Jane has a waterbed, and a lot of the babies there will sleep very well there. Hmmm. Do we need a waterbed??

In other news - Brooke and Ray (and Nash) are having a girl!!! I am so excited for them. I can't wait for Maya to have a playmate!

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Debbie said...

Too bad you guys didn't take the water bed from your old apartment in Farmington!