Saturday, June 28, 2008


Kevin and I have mastered the art of showering a baby. Here's how we do it: Kevin gets in the shower and gets clean while I get Maya ready. Then I give her to Kevin and I shampoo/soap her up from outside the shower while he holds her and rinses her. She loves it. Not only does she get the nice warm water, but she gets to be held the entire time. What could be better? She doesn't even seem to mind a little water in the nose, eyes, or mouth! What a good baby! A "try this at home tip" for those who are wondering: It's really hard to shower with the baby if you don't have help. You really need 4 hands - 2 for washing, and 2 for holding. Babies are slippery little monsters, and you don't want them to hit the shower floor - know what I mean?

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