Monday, June 30, 2008

Will Maya be a Doctor Someday?

I got out of the shower yesterday, and when I got to the family room, Kevin was reading to Maya out of an anesthesiology textbook. She looks really interested, eh??


Beth said...

How many amazing beauties can one family have? My nieces, all of them, are special. The photos on this blog and the recent pictures Kevin emailed are dazzling! AB

gklein said...

Grandma gets that same look every time I try to explain the infield fly rule to her. -- Grampy

PhatKev said...

Maya was looking bored because she already knew everything I was telling her. After all, she is quite the expert on gas, so making the natural transition to anesthsiology is going to be very simple for her.

PhatKev said...

I just noticed that you posted this at 4:50am. Why on earth were you up so early? You need to get some more sleep.

Maya B. said...

Dear Daddy,
First of all, I've never seen Anesthesiology spelled that way. Second of all, the time stamp must be "off" on blogger. Mommy posted it much later in the morning. You see, I wake up much later now because I'm getting bigger, and you know how late teenagers sleep. Remember? Yesterday I slept until 6:30!
Love you Dad!

Maya B. said...
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