Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Babies are Sweet...

We had our first playdate with Amelia and Lucas yesterday. Maya was very interested in the baby... until I held him, and then she got jealous and went a little nuts. I expected this though, and I think it's good for her to see me with other babies (for obvious reasons). Anyway, she got over it pretty quickly, and ate cookies and peas while she played with us. Today, Kevin was home after being on call last night, so Maya cuddled with him on the couch while she watched a little Sesame. She was missing his attention, but it was sweet to see her loving him and giving him kisses while he napped.

"Daddy, I love you, so please wake up and play with me."

"Daddy, are you faking?"

"At first I hated the baby, but now I like him. He's a cutie. I hope our new baby is this sweet."

"Mommy made these yummy chocolate crinkle cookies for our playdate. Thanks, Mom! You know how I love cookies. I even kissed the oven while I watched them baking."

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