Sunday, December 20, 2009

Maya's Little Pony

We were supposed to go to Boston this morning, in order to celebrate Grammy's birthday at The Cheesecake Factory. Unfortunately, Boston and Connecticut got pounded with snow, so we cancelled our trip. Anyway, since we knew we'd probably be home all day on Sunday, we decided to take a trip to Burlington, VT yesterday. It was a very cold day, but we weren't expecting any snow here, so we figured it would be a fun little day trip. Well, if you've never been to Burlington, you have to go! It was such a fun time. We had lunch at a really cute brewery, and then walked around Burlington for a while. We had a chance to ride on a buggy led by a miniature horse, we stopped to watch carolers on the pedestrian walk, and we saw lots of dogs in sweaters and booties. Maya had a great time, and was totally exhausted by the time we got home. I think next time, when it's a bit warmer, we'll visit the Ben and Jerry's factory, and get some ice cream. Yesterday was just not an ice cream day. Instead, we got snacks at a soup stand. That was more like it...

"Mommy, is that a horse or a dog? In other words, 'neigh' or 'woof woof?'"

"I was freezing in Burlington, but I still loved this mini-horse. I wouldn't even look at the camera!"

"I was so bundled, I could barely move. Thank goodness for my big coat!"

"Daddy got some beef stew at this little soup shack. Some of the proceeds go to the local soup kitchen in Burlington, so we felt we just had to get some soup..."

"Okay, Daddy! I'm ready to go!"

"Okay, this is off topic, but sometimes, when we hear the garage door open, Mommy and I cuddle at the top of the stairs while we wait for Daddy to come inside."

"This is a morning tubby time self-portrait. You like it?"

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Ruth said...

The Ben and Jerry's factory is VERY fun! You'll definitely have to go when it warms up =)