Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Yes, I know - no one likes to have to look at a bunch of blog posts at once. I try not to do this, but when we get back from a big trip, it's often inevitable. I usually have so many photos and videos, I just want to post them all at once. Anyway, I'm hoping you'll look at them all, but I understand that it's overwhelming. So, let me tell you more about our trip. The day after Thanksgiving, we played at Joel and Melissa's parents' house in Cheshire. It was really fun for Maya to have a playmate. Eben is about 15 months (I think), and he is just the cutest little boy! Maya also spent Friday playing with Aunt Nora and Aunt Debs. Unfortunately, they are MIA in my photos. I'm not sure why. Nora and Debs, next time I see you, we need to do a photo session, okay?

"This is my friend, Eben. He's cute, huh?"

"My Grampy and Aunt Nora tried to take me for a walk in the neighborhood, but I refused, and just wanted to get out and walk the stroller. I'm a big girl now."

"Eben has some cool toys. He liked my toys too, so we shared."

"Have you noticed that I am too cool to smile for pictures these days?"

"Even when it's 30 degrees outside, I love to play in the grass."

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