Monday, December 28, 2009

Maya's Jewish Christmas

Kevin and I decided to take Maya to Connecticut to see the family at Christmastime. Maya came down with a cold the day we left, so she began the trip a little under the weather. She always has a great time at Grammy and Grampy's house though. Nora, Adam, and Debbie came home, and she also got to see Nana, Papa, Bubbe, Kevin, and Cousin Tyson over the weekend. It was a jam packed weekend, and we drove home last night, exhausted from the trip. Today, it's back to normal again. We don't have much going on this week, and we'll probably spend New Year's Eve going out to eat locally. Maya is going o use this week to catch up on her beauty sleep, and to get rid of her cough and cold. She seems happy to be home, but I know she misses her big family in Connecticut!

"Christmas in Connecticut is fun! I didn't go to the movies, but Mommy and Daddy went to see Avatar!"

"Daddy, your slippers are warm! Can I have them?"

"Grampy dressed up as Santa, so he could surprise the neighbor's children. I guess they figure he isn't doing anything on Christmas Eve. Grampy thinks he's a little less 'Santa,' and a little more 'Mel Brooks.'"

"Mommy made a chocolate babka for our trip. She's on a baking kick."

"Mommy, I like your babka swirl!"

"This is my tongue."

"We went out for Chinese food on Christmas, and I got my usual - chicken fingers. You know, Chinese chicken fingers taste nothing like the McDonald's kind, or the Dino Nuggets we get at Costco."

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