Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dinner and Dessert

Okay, so I know this is a totally off topic post (a.k.a. no photos of Maya at all), but I was very proud of my dinner and dessert creations today, so I wanted to post some photos. For dinner I made Ancho Chicken and Hominy Stew, which got very good reviews from Kevin (though it was a bit spicy for Miss Maya). For dessert, I made chocolate filled buns. I found the recipe in a very old copy of Cooking Light, that my mom has clearly been hiding from me! I was very surprised at how delicious these buns turned out, but all three of us loved them. I guess I like baking more than I ever thought. Making bread has become my new favorite hobby!

"This is Daddy's bowl of Chicken Hominy Stew. I had a few bites, but dropped most of mine on the floor."

"Mommy and Daddy had never eaten hominy before, but they were pleasantly surprised."

"Daddy took a big bite out of his chocolate bun, so Mom took a picture of the gooey inside. Yummmmm."

"Mommy ate her bun like a lady - mostly because she wanted to see the pretty swirl inside."

"These were really good."

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Miss Hartong's Second Grade Class said...

Those chocolate buns look delightful!!! I'm sure everything you make is good though, Marj!