Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow Day!

Maybe it's the teacher in me (or possibly even the student), but I love a good snow day. This past Wednesday was my birthday, and it also happened to be the day we got 10 inches of snow. That left us stuck inside almost all day, though we did end up going out for dinner in the evening, when the snow settled. Anyway, I had a great day, thanks to Kevin and Maya. Maya gave me a beautiful Dartmouth sweatshirt for my birthday, and Kevin gave me a really pretty bouquet of flowers, and a laptop! The laptop is still on its way, but I'm really excited about it. The best part of my birthday, was that Kevin and Maya let me bake all day. It was so relaxing. In the morning, I made hazelnut chocolate thumbprint cookies, and in the afternoon I made more chocolate filled buns. All three of us liked the cookies and the buns, which is always nice. Anyway, we had a great birthday dinner at Molly's, so I have no complaints about my birthday, at all! I'm so grateful for my wonderful family!

"This is the newest addition to our family. It was a birthday/Hanukkah gift from Grammy and Grampy. Mommy loves it to pieces."

"Daddy tried to take me out sledding on Wednesday, but the snow was too deep. I wasn't happy, but we made a snowman instead. He didn't come out that great, but I had fun anyway."

"Hi! This is a fun snow day!"

"When Mommy says 'Smile, Maya!' this is the toothy grin I give."

"Only moments after this picture was taken, I found a purple permanent marker, and ruined this dress. Sorry, Mommy. I know you love this one, but I'm only a little girl, and I don't know any better."

"I loved these chocolate hazelnut cookies. Mommy had to cover them up, so I wouldn't eat too many."

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lori frerman said...

I love our mixer! So happy you got one! Your cookies look so good!