Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm Ready!

Okay, one more sledding video, because I can't stop watching this one. On Sunday, after Maya went sledding with Kevin, she took a really short nap, and then woke up, ready for another round. At first, we said "no," and told her that sledding was a once a day activity. Maya is very persistent though, and she eventually convinced Kevin that it was in his best interest to take her out again. Anyway, Kevin got himself ready, while I put Maya into her snowsuit. We met Kevin outside, where he was putting on his gloves and coat. The sled was just waiting for Maya in the driveway. Apparently, she was ready to rock and roll, because she got right into position. The other funny (yet unrelated) thing about this video, is the fact that Maya currently says, "Cheeeeeese!" when she sees the camera. It's pretty silly.

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Miss Hartong's Second Grade Class said...

LOVE THE VIDEO! We have a quesiton- how do you upload your video?! We tried to upload one, but only saw a pic link not a video link....