Saturday, November 29, 2008

Maya's Many Faces

Well, Maya still seems to be feeling under the weather, despite a very calm morning. Tonight we had dinner with friends, and Maya was not having it. Poor little thing. My mom insists she's teething, but I can't figure it out. She's very congested, coughing, crying, etc. All I know, is that she's not a happy camper... I'm itching for a better day tomorrow. I hate to think that a cold or teething is ruining her fun vacation.

"This is just plain old Maya face."

"I like to call this 'squishy face.'"

"This is called 'piggy nose.'"

"I think I will call this one 'sleepy eyes.'"

1 comment:

Brook said...

Although all of the facesare cute, I believe that I like the squishy face the best! Sorry to hear that Maya isn't feeling well. Hope she perks up soon...