Monday, November 3, 2008

Sleep is on its way!

Kevin and I went to the sleep specialist today. She's pretty well known in our area, and several of my friends have seen her to help with their babies. Maya stayed home with our new babysitter, Elaine, and we went alone, so we could give our full attention to the specialist. She gave us a ton of information about how to help Maya sleep better during the day, and at night. Basically, Kevin is going to have to spend a few sleepless nights, helping Maya learn that she doesn't need to nurse during the night. Now the big challenge will be figuring out a time when he'll be home for 3 consecutive nights... hmmmm.

"Thanks for the Halloween bag, Mr. Cashier at Schnucks! I will wear it as a hat, until next Halloween!"

"I'm enjoying hanging out in the shopping cart!"

"Hahahaha! You're funny, Mommy!"

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