Friday, November 7, 2008

Vote on my Coat!

We went to Old Navy today, to check out the big "Outerwear Sale." I love this coat, but can't decide whether Maya should have the light brown or the dark brown one. Any thoughts? Please vote in the poll to the right. Oh, and the purple jacket is her fall coat, so it's not a choice!!! Please tell me what you think!

"Here I am in tan..."

"Here I am in chocolate brown..."

"And here I am in my fall coat. I'm keeping this one!"


Auntie Nora said...

I can't help but notice a few [hopefully inadvertant] omissions in the poll:

4. Keep them both.
5. Does this winter jacket come in purple?

I think she looks like a munchkin in both.

Maya B. said...

Yeah, I thought of keeping both, but it seems a little silly... and no, no purple.

Raven O'Joy said...

NIkki has the same purple coat in pink look at some pics you will see her with the hat too!