Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Maya's New Trick

I wasn't going to write again tonight, but Maya did something very cool, and I have to share it with you. It was 5:30, and I had a very fussy and sleepy Maya, so I put her down for her third nap of the day. Usually she takes a 30 minute nap around then, so it was typical. I put her down, and she was fussing a bit, so I was watching her on the video monitor. I looked away for a minute, and suddenly, when I looked back, she was sitting up. I was trying to figure out what she used to pull herself up, since she usually only sits when I plop her down on her tush. She laid down again, and continued to watch her. Only moments later, she was on her belly, and she swung her legs around and sat right up again. Wow! She didn't use anything to pull herself into a sitting position! I'm so proud of her... yet a little worried that she'll decide to sit in her crib instead of lie down, thus, never sleeping again... Hmmmm.

"Ha! You thought you could control me, but once again, I have proven you wrong! I can sit on my own, and will soon be able to chase you around the house!"

"Mom, we certainly look stylish in this sling. Can we get one?"

"Yeah, I'm sitting in a flower. Pretty girly, eh?"

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Brook said...

Cool trick- I think Maya may need to teach Keira that one :)