Monday, November 10, 2008

Rough Night.

The bad news is, Maya was up for 2 hours, basically crying for about 30 seconds, every 3-5 minutes. It was sad. Kevin was a trooper, and he worked really hard last night. He even got up to go to work this morning. Poor guy. In wonderful news, Maya still loves us this morning. Phew. Brie has promised me that it'll go better tonight (she did the same training with Alex), so I'm holding out hope that tonight will be a breeze.

"Hang on, Mom. I'm just updating the blog."

"Mommy! You've done it again! A perfect family self portrait!"


gklein said...

I often works on my computer exactly the same way, Maya. I rest my head on Grammy's lap and just tap away. Sometimes Grammy has to get up and peel me a grape, but usually her lap is very comfortable. -- Grampy

Beth said...

This is a perfectly beautiful family photo. I don't know about your Mommy and Daddy, Maya. Even missing a night of sleep, they still look GREAT! And you little Muffin, always look adorable, happy and smiley!!!