Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Serious Talk

"Look at us! We can both sit up, like real ladies!"

Last night, Keira and Maya sat across from each other, chatting for about 20 minutes - presumably about something extremely important. Keira played with Maya's costume (her lobster tentacles are very enticing), and Maya curiously watched her, perhaps wondering why a sock monkey was playing with her outfit. Maya and Keira have known each other since before birth. Isn't that crazy? The lobster and the monkey - friends forever!

"What? Are you watching us?"

"Those are my tentacles, Keira. Feel free to enjoy them. I already had some while we were trick-or-treating."

"Wait - that's actually my pacifier. I think if you take it and put it in your mouth, it's probably as gross as chewing my gum... you think?"

1 comment:

Brook said...

So cute and such good buddies. Surf and Turf- definately not Kosher (right?), yet so adorable you may want to nibble just a bit.