Monday, November 24, 2008

The Monday Blahs

"No, this is not an optical illusion - I'm actually standing on my own! Not gonna lie though - it was only for a second."

We had a great weekend. On Friday night we went to "Free Fridays" at the Magic House, which is a children's museum right near our house. It was our first time, and we loved it. Honestly, it's the museum of my childhood dreams. They have a play grocery store, bank, electric company, pizza place, news station, library, and house, where the kids can go and play pretend librarian, pizza guy, grocery store clerk, etc. When I was a kid, I would dream of being able to help run the cash register, or the scanner to help check out books, or to be a waitress taking orders from customers. I'm so jealous of these little 8 year old girls who get to actually go to a fake ATM that actually dispenses fake money! What a dream come true! I feel sad that Maya will never be old enough to enjoy it while we're still in St. Lou.

"Just chillin' in my new winter coat..."

"Keira, it's almost my bedtime, how about you?"

"No, seriously, Mommy - it's time for me to hit the sack."

Anyway, on Saturday, we had brunch at our house, and then we met our friend, Beth, for some chat time. It was a really nice weekend. Yesterday we laid low and Kevin reformatted our pokey computer. It was an eventful, yet relaxing weekend. We'll be travelling to Connecticut on Wednesday morning. I can't wait!

"Thank you for putting me to bed, Mommy. Now that it's morning, let's get our brunch on!"

Oh, and here's a shout out to cousin Jacob, who is getting his tonsils out this morning. We're rooting for you, Jacob! Can't wait to see a tonsil-less Jacob and have some ice cream together!

"Phooey on those tonsils, Jacob! We love you!"

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Brook said...

Wehad fun hanging out with you guys this weekend. Yeah for golden weekends!