Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Last night, we congregated at Brie and Dave's house for trick or treating fun. They live in a development that is absolutely teaming with kids. As we drove through, on our way to their house, we noticed that many of the houses had set their portable fire pits on the driveway. Apparently, this is a tradition in their neighborhood, and basically, Halloween is like one giant block party. Everyone was outside last night. In fact, we didn't need to knock on a single door. Most people had tables set up with candy on the driveway. It was really neat. Makes me wish we lived in a more friendly neighborhood, you know? Anyway, we had pizza at Brie and Dave's, and then we went around the development and showed off the lobster (Maya), shark (Alex), turtle (Nash), sock monkey (Keira), Yoda (James), and our new addition - the poodle (Margot). We actually visited a lot more houses than I thought we would. We took Maya in the umbrella stroller. She had a terrific time. It was 70 degrees last night. Can you believe it? When I was a kid, I always had to wear a coat over my costume. This was so much better (although I miss trading candy at the end of the night).

"This is my twin, the lobster dog."

"My first piece of candy - a Mr. Goodbar. Mom, do you like these? You can have it."

"Now this is fun."

"Trick-or-Treating with friends is the best!"


Roz said...

TRICK OR TREAT to the little lobster. My favorite non-kosher food. She looks good enough to eat.

Can't wait to see you all in person for Thanksgiving.

Hugs and Kisses,

Aunt Rozzi

Alex and family said...

I love the pict of all of us. It is better than mine. Can you send it to me?