Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Big Race

Yesterday, Kevin was called into work. What a bummer. Maya and I spent the day together, cleaning the house and running errands. At about 3:30, Kevin called and asked us to meet him at Forest Park to see the Great Balloon Race. So, Maya B. and I dropped everything and went to the hospital to meet Daddy. From there, we walked through the park until we got to the balloon launch site. It's pretty neat - they launch one balloon, and then then the other balloons chase it. When the first balloon (called the "Hare Balloon," since it's usually the Energizer Bunny balloon) lands, all the others try to throw a sack (of rice, or something?) from the air, and make it land closest to the Hare. The one that comes the closest is the winner.

Anyway, Maya came to the event, happy as a clam, but quickly fell asleep and missed the whole race. Go figure. Kevin ate something that was appropriately called a "sweet meat stick," (blech), and then we hit the road. We had a great time!

"Thanks for giving me your tablescraps, Mom. Sheesh. What am I, a dog?"

"Wow! This is so cool!"

"I like the view from here!"

"We missed you, Daddy! So happy you're done with work for the day!"

"Well, I'm done here. Good night."

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