Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hey Dad!

Kevin came home from his trip in New Hampshire last night. He hasn't spent time with Maya yet, because he got home late, but we sure are happy to have him back. He'll be home with us tonight, which makes us so happy. Maya was such a good girl for the past few days. She's been sleeping great, and has been such a happy camper during the day. What a good girl!

In other news, Maya went to her first Bris today. Mindy and Rich named their baby boy "Corey Lee." He's so adorable. We didn't spend too long at the Bris, but we were glad we went. Mindy and Rich seem to be doing well, although I can only imagine how overwhelmed they must feel. It's like a distant memory to me, but those first weeks are definitely intense. Having 50 people around fawning over your 8 day old baby must be tough. That first week is so exhausting!

Anyway, I'm going to put Maya down for a nap. She's been a strange napper lately. She's been taking 3 short ones a day! In some ways it's good, but in other ways, it's really tough, because I never get my own nap! Selfish Mommy...

"Bye bye. I'm off to get some sleep."

"Please don't bother me while I'm getting in my tummy time."

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