Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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Last night we had dinner at Brooke, Ray, and Nash's house. They were so nice to have us over for a celebratory New Year's Eve supper. They actually went to services afterward too. Wow. We had a great time with them.

"Mommy is giving me apples, in honor of a sweet New Year. No honey, Mommy. I'm not in the mood for botulism tonight."

"Nash, you are so good at your sippy. Got any pointers?"

Today, Maya is modeling the sweater dress that Auntie Nora knitted for her, especially for the high holidays. What do you think? She's very talented. Nora, I mean. Maya is talented, but in other ways - like eating, rolling, jumping, and smiling. I can't wait to take Maya to services in her pink dress. She'll be the talk of the city - or the talk of the temple - or the talk of our row in the temple - or at least the talk of our house. Any of those would be just fine.

"Thanks for the dress, Auntie Nora! It's a little big, but I feel so snuggly."

"I'm wearing leg warmers today, because it's crispy cool outside."

"Okay, I'm done here. I'm going to make an attempt to crawl away. Darn. Attempt failed. Maybe later."


Beth said...

Auntie Nora is certainly a very talented lady. Maya B. is so lucky. She looks absolutely beautiful in her special holiday dress and the classy buttons add even more character to the whole outfit.

Maeme said...

Auntie Nora needs to share her pattern sources :) Nash's sister will need a wardrobe soon.
Beautiful dress on a beautiful little girl!

gklein said...

Happy New Year, Maya!!! BTW, time to grow some teeth!! I should be losing a few in the years to come, so you're welcome to them!! -- Grampy