Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daddy Time.

So, yesterday Kevin was post-call - this means he had just finished a 24 hour shift, and was home to play with us. Well, he napped first, and then he was a tremendous helper. My back has been hurting, so Kevin had a lot of Maya time. They practiced sitting, and Kevin gave Maya a bath. Too bad he didn't realize there were snaps on the back of her shirt. He couldn't get it over her head. It was really funny, although Maya didn't think so.

"Daddy? Is it just me, or are you carrying me exceptionally low to the ground?"

"Dad! Oh my gosh! The snaps! Help! Get this thing off my head!"

"See? I'm sitting!"

1 comment:

tshaffpa33 said...

hehee. Daddy's try so hard though don't they ;)

Maya's such a cutie. I love your blog.

Eli has good nights and then bad ones too. The night before last he was up at 3 then 6 for the day. Last night he was up at midnight, 3, and then 5:30 for the day.