Monday, September 8, 2008

We didn't do anything today.

Well, that's not exactly true. I agreed to organize a Halloween Party for WUMCHA (the Women's group at WashU), so I met with another woman who is working on it with me. I decided this morning that I wasn't going to do very much today, because I suddenly have a bum lower back. I think I lifted Maya one too many times the other night when she was up half the night. Ever since then, my back is just awful. Grrrr.

Ooo, one more tidbit about today!

We went to get Baby Orajel at WalMart. There was no bar code on the tube, and we were at the self-checkout, so the cashier came over and said, "Do you know how much this was?"
I said, "Yeah, $4.44."
So she said, "What? 50 cents? Okay."
What a nice woman. She liked Maya so she gave us a good deal. Excellent.

"Thanks for the Orajel, WalMart Lady. Maybe I'll pop out a tooth for you soon!"

"Mmmmmm. Cupcakes."

"Mommy is tired, but I'm ready to party."

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Raven O'Joy said...

I dont think Nikki will ever get teeth!