Sunday, September 14, 2008

R.I.P. Kiddapotamous

What is a Kiddapotamous, you ask? The Kiddapotamous is Maya's velcro swaddle. She actually has 3 of them, and we've been using them religiously at bedtime for the past few months. Occasionally, she squirms or kicks out of it, and I happily re-swaddle during her middle-of-the-night-feeding. Well, two nights ago, Maya decided she was done with the swaddle. She was like a flailing, kicking, out of control animal. After I put her to sleep, she squirmed out 11 times, before I said, "Forget it. No more swaddling tonight." I put her in a warm jammies, and we both proceeded to have a very fussy and restless night of sleep. It was awful. We are done with swaddling though, and determined to bear through the long nights. Last night was much better, so tonight will hopefully be great. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

"I'm 4 weeks old here, and loving the old Kiddapotamous. Don't I look like a snowman or a totem pole?"

In other news, Ike is making a cameo in St. Louis today. There is wild wind and a ton of rain. I see a loss of power in our future. Maya and I are staying snuggly and toasty at home.

"Rain is a recipe for bad hair, right Mommy?"

"Mommy took this photo from our front door. You can't really tell but it's raining cats and dogs and the trees are swaying like crazy."

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Amy said...

Oh we have the same swaddler! I love that thing!! Sydney is the master of getting out too, no matter how tightly I swaddle her! I just can't understand it! LOL I hope you guys find your groove sans swaddle!!