Friday, September 5, 2008

Hey Maya? Are you alive in there?

Maya woke up at 12:45 and 4:30 last night. Usually this 4:30 time is a final wake up, and I dread it, because it means a looooong morning. Ugh. So this morning I was determined to get her back to sleep - that way neither of us would be cranky. At about 5, I put her in her swing in the family room. She went right to sleep, but I soon realized that Kevin had his alarm set for 5:15, and he'd surely wake her during his morning routine. So, I decided to move the swing while Maya was in it. This used to be an easy feat, when she was 8 pounds or so. Doing it now, without crashing it into walls and doorways is a huge challenge. Anyway, I dropped off the swing in her room, pointed the video monitor at her, and ran for my life. At about 5:30 I heard her whining, and I called out to Kevin, "Throw in the pacifier!" You know what happened???

I didn't hear from her until 7:20!!! Holy cow! What a little princess!

"Brooke, I know you bought this for your baby, but can I have it?"

"Sure Nash! I can share your mommy's lap with you!"

"Hey James! Wanna play with me in the dog bed?"

"Save me, James! I fell!"

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NASH said...

Yay for Maya and Nash holding hands!