Saturday, September 13, 2008

Halloween is fast approaching...

So, we went to the mall today to return some things. You know, I always enjoyed the idea of Halloween, but I never realized how many absolutely adorable things they have for babies. Let's start with Pottery Barn Kids, where they have a 90 dollar hamburger costume. The kicker? It actually might be worth 90 dollars. It's that cute. I wanted to try some costumes on Maya, but I think she'd flip out, so we just tried the doggie ears. At Gymboree, the costumes are very princessy, which is not my style at all (and clearly, it's my style that counts), but Kevin found this adorable cowboy hat. Maya isn't too fond of head wear though. I mean, she enjoys her bows, but give her a hat or headband and she'll bite your head off. Oh well. Her costume has a hood this year. I hope it's cold out so she'll want a warm head...

"Let's go to the mall, Mommy! Daddy, you should come too!"

"What do you think I am? A dog?"

"Yippy yay ay!"

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Beth said...

Hi, My Sweet Grandniece, Maya! How I have missed seeing your adorable photos for the past two weeks. How could you have gotten even more beautiful, I do not know. But you and Mommy and Daddy look even more wonderful than ever! So now I will be checking in on you all EVERY DAY!!! What decisions did you make on the costume? How could you make that beauty any more adorable? To me it looks like an impossible decision!!!