Tuesday, January 6, 2009

$4.50??? Wait, having a kid is pricey?

So, yesterday we met Brooke, Nash, and Margot at Whole Foods for a quick hello. I decided to get some lunch for Maya, since she had just taken a long nap and was asking for food. I got the smallest cup of soup, and put a little chicken noodle, some minestrone, and a couple of tofu cubes inside. When it rang up as $4.50, I shrugged it off, assuming it would last 3 or more meals... guess what? She ate the whole thing! Well, she ate out all the chunkiness, leaving a meager bowl of broth. Hmph. I guess this is about the time that feeding a child becomes expensive! Good to know...
"Whole Foods is the best, Mommy!"

"What can I play with?"

"Wait! I see a cup on the floor!"


"Thank you. I can now play drums with this cup."

"More soup, please."

"I ate the whole bowl!"

"Wait, Aunt Deb! My mouth is full of noodles!"


Mo said...

Maya is getting so big! Well, I haven't bumped into you guys for a long time so I guess it is to be expected! Hope you have a happy new year!

Gabriellespace said...

wow.. she is getting so big.. we are going to start her on cereal soon. part of me can't wait to have gabby eating solids.. but the other part of me can wait.

Gabriellespace said...

it is hard to believe she is getting so big. My how are girls are growing