Sunday, January 11, 2009

Best. Meal. Ever.

I've always made Maya's baby food (except for a few random jars of food when we've travelled), and it's been really fun for me to buy it, steam it, and blend it for her. She loves food, so I get a lot of satisfaction out of feeding her. Anyway, she has recently moved on to table food, and tonight I think I hit the jackpot. I made a giant pot of lentils today, and tonight I stirred in a batch of quinoa, with some steamed corn and peas. Maya loved it, and she even had seconds! She must take after her mommy, loving grainy vegetarian food. I'm glad she liked it. I seriously made enough for 14 meals! My freezer is packed!
"Ready for dinner, Mommy!"

"Lentils, quinoa, corn, and peas - all my favorites in one teensy bowl!"

"I'm ready! Feed me!"

"I'm thirsty now."

"Bravo, Mommy! I loved every bite!"

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