Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Steam Cleaning

First things first: Maya is feeling much better this morning! She ate almost an entire container of yogurt, and happily played with her toys for quite a while before her morning nap. She still has all her cold symptoms, but I think she must be feeling better, because she seems much more content. It snowed like crazy last night, so we might have to stay in again today - in fact, our street isn't even plowed yet! Gotta love St. Louis. Anyway, last night, we decided that Maya needed to take a shower, as the steam seemed like a good idea for her stuffy nose and cough. Maya loves her showers with Daddy. Soon (very soon), she'll be too big for it, and it'll be sad times. Boo. I guess I have a toddler now...
"Make sure you cover my privates, Mommy! I'm a big girl now!"

"Don't let go, Daddy!"

"I love my Dad. Can you tell?"

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gklein said...

Based on the top picture, I think Maya is ready for the Rockettes! -- Grampy