Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Think it's Almost Over.

Well, this weekend was a bust. Maya got sick on Thursday night, then I proceeded to get sick Friday, and then, of course, Kevin got sick on Saturday. It was a mess. None of us are feeling 100% yet, but I think we're getting there. Maya has a cold now, so she's been in a funk, and hasn't really eaten in almost a week. She has some bites here and there, but has mostly reverted back to nursing. Oy. It seems like none of us have our appetites back at this point. Hopefully this week will bring better things. This thing really wiped out our house. Now I understand how my friends all felt right around the New Year, when all their kiddos were sick. Anyway, Maya is still as lovable as always, and has been very cuddly and snuggly, because she's been very exhausted. I'm hoping she'll feel like a new woman tomorrow. Not that I don't love her snuggles...

"I gave Daddy my sicky germs. Sorry, Daddy. I didn't mean to - I was just loving you."

"Mommy and I are practicing our Eskimo kisses. We like to rub noses."

"Mommy made matzah ball soup today! My first matzah ball! Thanks, Mommy. It was just what I needed."

"You can put me in my high chair, but you can't make me eat. Well, I'll have a half a matzah ball, but then I'm cutting you off."

"What? A girl can't play when she's sick?"

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