Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cabin Fever.

Due to the snowstorm that is currently sweeping the country, we are staying in today. Again. Honestly, we've mostly stayed at home since Friday, and boy am I feeling it. All I want is to take a walk at the mall, let Maya crawl around at a friend's house, or play at the train table at Barnes and Noble. Sigh. No such luck. Maya still has a pretty bad cold, so I guess this is sort of a good thing. We went to the doctor yesterday, so he could check her ears for an infection. Fortunately, she is in the clear - she's just full of yucky fluid from her cold. I keep expecting her to wake up feeling better in the morning, but so far, she almost seems to be getting worse. She has a bad cough and a runny nose that won't quit. Oy. I guess there's always tomorrow. Sorry if you're getting bored of hearing about Maya being sick (and the rest of us). I'll try to write something more spicy and interesting tomorrow!

"I'm doing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" in the mirror with Mommy. I love the doctor's mirror."

"Mommy, do you see that baby? She's so cute!"

"Mommy, let me go! I want to play. This examining room is the ultimate playpen!"

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Brook said...

I am BORED also. My babies have been sleeping since 10:30 and it is now 1:30 and they are still asleep! I hope you guys are feeling better soon :)