Monday, January 12, 2009

Come on, Maya! Show us your Pearly White!

Nope. She will not, I repeat - NOT - show us her new tooth. I keep trying to give her food, so she'll open her mouth, but I think she's onto me, because she keeps sticking out her tongue and covering the tooth. Boo. I guess the truth will reveal itself soon enough. I suppose once the tooth really starts coming out, I might actually see it. Until then, I'm probably going to keep sticking my finger in there, just to make sure it's really there, and I didn't make it all up!

"My mouth is sealed shut."

"You might notice that my bottom lip is strategically placed over my front teeth, so as to cover and possible glimpse of toothiness."

"I'm taking this flashlight, so you'll stop putting it up to my mouth."

"What so great about a tooth, anyway?"

"Daddy, you don't do self-portraits like Mommy. She's the best."

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