Monday, January 12, 2009

Cruel, or just Plain Funny?

So, recently Maya has become downright addicted to Cheerios. She munches on them throughout the day, and would probably prefer to eat them for lunch and dinner as well (although I never serve them to her instead of meals!). Anyway, I often give her O's when we are out at the store, and I end up leaving her in her car seat (for short trips). As a result, she has begun to accumulate piles of O's in the bottom of her car seat. We obviously clean them up, but once in a while, they build up, and we'll see Maya crawling over to her car seat in the corner, pulling out the Cheerios. Anyway, last night we tried putting Maya in her "door jumper," which was a hand-me-down that we rarely use. I don't know why, but I found this to be incredibly funny. Note the car seat to the left of the screen...

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Debbie said...

HILARIOUS! she's so sweet!