Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The End of an Era

Warning... Long rambling post ahead.

Usually, I post about Maya's daily travels and adventures, but today I'm going to change it up a little. Get ready... Last week, when we went to see Dr. Put Put, the conversation turned to the upcoming introduction of whole milk into Maya's diet. He was actually quite surprised and happy that I am still nursing, being that Maya is almost 10 months old, and apparently (from the research I've done), fewer and fewer people nurse past 6 months. I assume this is because most mommies go back to work, and it's incredibly difficult to keep up with pumping, as it's time consuming, and often (for some) doesn't yield as much milk as actual nursing. Anyway, being home makes it much easier for me to nurse on demand. That being said, I respect those who choose not to breastfeed. It's a personal decision that each person has to make for themself.

Anyway, the reason I am thinking about this, is because I think it will be difficult for me to stop nursing, although I do plan to wean in a couple of months (when Maya is a year old). Nursing has a special place in my heart, because it was an incredibly challenging journey for me. Due to a previous surgery, I knew that there was a great possibility that I would not be able to nurse. In fact, most doctors had told me that it was unlikely, and that even if I was able to breastfeed, I would likely have to supplement with formula. Well, I must be a rebel at heart, because that just made me even more determined. As Grammy says, "I can do hard things." Once Maya was born, I went into nursing with fierce determination. Let me tell you - it was tough. I mean, Jen and Brook can attest to the fact that I nursed constantly. In fact, I remember meeting Jen at the mall one day, and sitting in a Nordstrom dressing room, nursing on and off for at least an hour. But then... it got easier. Yup, Maya figured it out, and so did I. And guess what?! It became the most wonderful thing I've ever done. I do feel an unbelievable bond with Maya, I anticipate feeling some sense of separation when I stop nursing. I was thinking about this yesterday, as I was pumping in the car (in the mall parking lot) because we had to leave the house while Doyle was washing the floors. I kept thinking, "Is this worth it?" Well, in a word - yes. My friend Meg, who is due with her baby at the end of March (she'll be exactly a year younger than Maya), was asking me some questions about how I dealt with breastfeeding while traveling, working, and all that fun stuff. Well, the answer is, you just deal, and it's worth it.

Anyway... whole milk is on its way. Get ready, Maya!

"I get it, Mom. We have a special bond. Now please let me go play."

"Mommy is starting to get sad that I won't smile for the camera anymore..."

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