Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We're Moving Soon.

Maya and I are trying to find a more balanced schedule these days. Since Kevin and I will be putting the house on the market in about a month, it's crucial that I do some work on the house - like keep it clean and de-clutter... Anyway, I'm trying to find a balance between errands, social time, and home time. Yesterday we went to Brooke's house in the morning, and then we came home for a nap, followed by cooking, cleaning, and exercising. It felt like such a nice, low key day. It was also great when Kevin came home to a bright and clean house, complete with a lovely dinner on the table. I guess I'm a sucker for being a homemaker. It felt so good!

"Now that I'm done with my dinner, I would like to eat your dinner."

"I love family dinner!"

"Pick me up, please! I want to be on your lap!"

"I use this stool as a table while Mommy exercises."

"Did Mommy tell you? I'm crawling everywhere now!"

1 comment:

Brook said...

How do you cook, clean and exercise with that little munchkin around? Please share your secrets! I am jealous!