Friday, February 20, 2009

A Giant Red Robin

Well, first of all, I apologize for our absence. Maya and I have been spending the week with Grammy and Grampy, and it's been very difficult to blog with them here. I admit, it's definitely my fault, but we were having so much fun, there really wasn't time to download photos. Anyway, we alternated between Red Robin and Sweet Tomatoes this week for dinner, and it was such a treat! Maya loves Sweet Tomatoes, but she doesn't seem too sure about Red Robin. She enjoyed the fries though. While we were there, the big Red Robin mascot was walking around. Maya did fine with the Disney Characters while we were in Florida, but she was a little scared of the big bird. Stay tuned for some videos of her reaction.
"Grammy and Grampy bought me this beautiful dress, but we had to return it, because we think it'll be too small in the summer. Boo. I'm growing way too fast, you know?"

"I'm double fisting the french fries. Did you know they give a bottomless bowl of fries at Red Robin? Score!"

"That bird is so creepy. I'm fine with looking at it, but I won't be touching it any time soon..."

"You know, fried and burgers are good, but there will always be a special place in my heart for peas."

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Brook said...

I don't blame Maya for not wanting to get too friendly with that bird. He/she is a little on the freaky side if you ask me.....Don't you ever wonder who exactly is inside those costumes?