Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Nash Day!

"Nash, don't let your mom blow out your candles! Hurry up and blow!"

"Where is Margot's cupcake?"

Tomorrow is Nash's second birthday! This morning we went to his house for a birthday celebration of cupcakes and playtime. Brooke had made dinosaur shaped Rice Krispy treats, a make-your-own-cupcake spread, and lots of fun snacks for the kids. Maya is a new lover of dried cranberries, so she was thrilled about the buffet! Actually, I should mention that Maya was not in a particularly playful mood this morning. She might have been overwhelmed, but she was very quiet and observant, as opposed to her typical outgoing self. After eating a bunch of treats, she loosened up a bit, and managed to squeeze out some playtime. Anyway, the important thing is, Nash had a fun time, and enjoyed his cake and cupcakes like a champ. I can't believe he is 2! It almost seems like he's an adult now! What's next? His Bar Mitzvah?

"Am I holding this microphone the right way? It's not working..."

"I can't believe we are having all these snacks, and it's not even lunchtime yet! I got to have a cupcake, peas, chicken, and dried cranberries! What a spread!"

"I like your party hat, James!"

"Keira, I know you think that's a guitar, but it's really a pan. Whatever. You have a big imagination, right?"

"I'm happy and I know it, so I'm clapping my hands - just like the song!"


Beth said...

I love Maya's party dress. She looks so adorable in her dress-up outfit! Her two front teeth are certainly growing tall and they are helping to make her smile even more sparkly! She absolutely glows.

Brook said...

Had fun! I love the moment you captured with Keira playing the "guitar". I may need to enroll her in lessons soon :)